Watches To Keep You In Shape

The progression of electronic technology, like the tactical watch, is growing by leaps and bounds. As stated in Moore’s Law, technology doubles at a very rapid pace in a short period. It is, therefore, amazing that we ever get out of our houses and get to the gym first place.

Sometimes all we can do to stay on top of our jobs, much less to work and focus on our health. It is hard for us to take the time and dedicate the resources to staying fit. It is even harder when you get in the gym, and you realize that no one’s making you do anything.

Having a quality tactical watches that last a long time to keep you on track is almost a necessity these days. This type of watch will allow you to monitor your heart rate during exercise and will also give you GPS tracking data if you happen to be running outside.

Having a focal point for your workout – that is a number to shoot for can be a real motivator. But, the first thing you need to do is figure out what your target heart rate should be.

To do that you need to start with learning your maximum heart rate. For males, subtract your age from 220 and for females subtract your age from 206. Now you have your maximum heart rate is down you can calculate what your workout zone should be. The way to do that is to take 60- 85% of that number and use that as your target for exercise.

Using a tactical watch to monitor what your heart rate is can make all the difference in your workout. Just being aware of your heart rate alone will cause you to get in better shape. It will also keep you from sitting around and watching other people workout and getting your heart rate up which is the only thing in the gym that will do you any good.

The GPS function of the watch is amazing. So many of them now have the ability to not only track your ride but also to record it the path of the chosen for a route reply later on your computer. You can even take that same path and download it again to your watch so you can have a course to follow.

The exciting thing is a tactical watch can be purchased in many cases. If that’s not very expensive given the amount of health benefit you can receive from a watch like this. It’s a small investment, and it will keep you on track and focused during your workouts or runs.

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