The Ultimate Paddle Board Guide

standup-paddle-boardsStand up paddle boarding is a new water sport that is growing with fast pace. This sport is busily a combination of surfing and kayaking. To enjoy it, you need to stand on a surfboard and then you need to paddle to move ahead. But the stand up paddle boards are not similar to existing surf boards. In fact, there are various different type of standup paddle boards are there and I am sharing few of those details with you. Paddle boarding is a great sport that when combined with a proper diet and nutritional supplements can lose to fast weight loss.

SUP surfing boards
You can consider this as the most traditional board in this sport because it is a longboard style board. This board or iSUP as it also known, allows a surfer to get into the waves quickly and they can catch them easily. This board has a longer and pointed nose and the back has 12 inches. Sometime these back or tails can be edged one while some other time it can be rounded. Paddle surfers can choose it according to their preference.

Allround surf boards
This is longer than the traditional surf board, and it can work in almost all kind of situation of you. Both the ends of this paddle board are rounded, but there is one primary difference in nose and tail. The nose is much wider concerning its oval shape, and the rounding at the rear sides is smaller. You can take this surf board to any place, and you can have great fun with it easily.

Flatwater surf boards
For paddle surfing, you do not need a lot of waves because you give the propelling energy with your paddles. That is why you can enjoy this sports activity in flat-water as well and there is one board that is dedicated to that kind of paddle surfing. The flat water board can be slightly longer but slicker than allround surf board. Also, its nose it sharp but the back is mostly flat with sharp edges. This is a perfect board for those that want to enjoy this sport in clam water like a lake.

paddleboardRace surf board
AS mentioned above, standup paddle surfing is a sport and that is why you can find various races as well for this. For racing purpose they have individual boards that are much slicker with a sharp nose. This shape makes them aerodynamic and faster, but it is hard for new uses to control this board. That is why experts suggest people should use these boards only for racing or for the preparing of racing others should avoid using them.

In addition to these different types of standup paddle boards, we can also divide them into two different categories that include solid and inflatable boards. Solid boards are made with the same kind of material that you see in a surf board. At the other hand inflatable board are made of PVC and other durable material so they can compete the solid board in every ways. And if you want to try this, then you can get one of these boards and you can start having this fun easily.

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