The Ultimate Massage Chair Guide

portabler-massage-chair-being-usedThere are many different types of massage chairs namely standard chairs, reclining massage chairs, professional massage chairs and mechanical massage chairs. They all differ in features, usage and their prices. Some are for personal usage and others for professional and commercial usage.

Standard Massage Chairs
This type of massage chairs offers the user a slightly forward leaning angle for massage. It features an ergonomic design which is unique in style and professional in usage. A similar range of massage chairs are designed by different brands such as the Panasonic massage chair, etc. It features manual mechanism which encourages easy usage for the therapist and the client. Compared to the style of therapy that is performed on the massage table, this one exerts extra pressure on the neck and back area especially upper back and lower back, relieving pain and hence requiring minimum effort.

To get on the chair, the client is required to move forward and bend at the knee and rest his legs forward on the given leg pads. Thus the client is now in a kneeling position with his buttocks in the seat behind him and his face cradled. It is a comfortable position for both the client and the therapist. The cushioning itself is also quite comfortable so the person sitting is able to completely relax.

portable-massage-chairReclining Massage Chairs
This type of massage chair especially exposes the lower back for treatment with less postural adjustment to be made. Hence it is quite similar to the former with special adjustments. This provides the client an ability to rest at a position with desired height to make it easy for the therapist. This design reduces any strain due to posture adjustments that may cause pain. The body weight of the client does the major work.

Mechanical Massage Chairs
Like automatic machinery and cars, some massage chairs are automatic in usage, providing maximum comfort to the user. They perform all the work themselves and little has to be done by the customer himself. The disadvantage of these is that they cost far more than the mechanical massage chairs, approximately an extra thousand dollars and are not easy to maneuver like a portable massage chair. There are rollers situated on the massage chairs that are designed to massage your entire body from head to toe. It features rhythmic vibratory movements allowing the client maximum relaxation. It has a programmed digital control that allows the user to control the different types of massage.

When buying a massage chair, make sure it is a reliable company, lest you end up buying another one just after a month.

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