How To Prevent Cavities

cavity-up-closeMaybe you have been in that dreaded dental chair at a dentists office, nervously awaiting the dentist to come back in with his assessment. After poking and prodding for better of an hour he has made a discovery. You have a cavity in one of your teeth. We all get cavities, but how can this be? You take good care, you brush your teeth once a day, you don’t eat a lot of unhealthy stuff, and you are at the dentists every six months. He ssays he will see you back in a couple of weeks to fill it after showing you a remarkable video at CK Farr Dentistry.

Cavities can be a pain, but they are not unavoidable. We know the routine, brush, floss, gargle. It all goes into preventing cavities. Are you really doing all that you can to prevent cavities? Your dentist will tell you that brushing properly consists of brushing consistently for 2 to 3 minutes, making sure to hit every tooth surface. Amazingly, most of the population tops out at about a minute.

Flossing is one of the biggest ways to prevent cavities. Flossing hits the thirty percent of your mouth the toothbrush can’t get. Next time you brush your teeth make sure you floss as well. These are the common knowledge items, merely clarified. What else can you do to prevent cavities?

The first two have to deal with when and what you eat. Some of the worst foods to eat are sugars and carbohydrates. Sugars give bacteria instant energy, just like it gives us. The bacteria can grow and flourish creating harmful acids. This is especially true for sticky substances like candy and peanut butter. Make sure to drink something to wash away the food particles. If possible you should always brush your teeth after meals.

fixing-cavityTiming is also pretty important. Our saliva helps to neutralize the acid and repair the enamel on our teeth. The longer you go without eating, the more acid can be dealt with and the better the repairs. Eating several snacks a day, and in between meals can cause more acid to be formed, and less time for the healing process. Make sure when you do snack between meals it is good healthy foods.

Fluoride is one of the best protections from cavities. Taking fluoride treatments, or having fluoride in your toothpaste is essential to good dental health. Fluoride works by strengthening the enamel on the teeth. Fluoride can be found in toothpastes, drinking water, and in your dentists visits.

The last thing that you can do to ensure healthy teeth for years to come are regular dentists visits. In a cleaning every six month is all that is required. Dentists can identify the beginnings of cavities, and help prevent them. Make sure you keep up to date on your dental services so you won’t need a major dental procedureden later on. Follow these simple suggestions and you will never have to worry about another cavity again.

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