How to Become a General Practitioner?

locum-gp-trainingIf you have a passion for medicine and helping people in a structured and scientific way, then it is certainly worth the time and effort. It can be a very rewarding career with a very generous salary once you are fully qualified.Community benefits are one of the most powerful indicators of the value that hospitals provide to their communities.

This job requires hopeful candidates to posses a degree in medicine. Before you apply for a degree, you must make sure that it is approved by the General Medical Council. The hard work does not stop there; you still have a lot to learn at this point because the next step is medical school. It can be fairly tough to get into medical school, and there are usually a high number of applications every year. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting into a good medical school.

Firstly, you might find it easier to study a science degree rather than something more specific. This is because some medical schools prefer general science graduates who have covered a great deal of relevant information. But don’t be put off by doing something a little more niche that you will be more interested in because some medical schools will consider any degree that is fairly relevant.

medical-doctor-with-patientsAnother good thing to do that will improve your chances as well as develop your skills and knowledge is to participate in some form of relevant work experience. There are many volunteering roles available that will significantly compliment your application. They will provide you with some hands-on experience in real situations. This will also significantly enhance your communications skills and help you to see things from the patients perspective. Moreover, you will get a very realistic overview of what it is like to work in medicine.

At the moment, medicine graduates are expected to complete a postgraduate foundation program before they can start their locum GP Plymouth training. The foundation course is really interesting and challenging and gives candidates the chance to experience some different settings.

The last step on the process to become a general practitioner doctor is to accomplish the final general practitioner training. This program puts trainee on various placements and usually last three years.

As you can see, it takes a lot of dedication to become a general practitioner, but if you manage to qualify then, you will certainly be rewarded with a great career. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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