How Does Invisalign Work?

invisalign1Invisalign has become one of the most popular things for correcting adult teeth. It works for adults in that this helps to get the teeth to be in their correct positions. This is especially important for those who are too afraid to show their teeth because of how they look. An important thing to watch for though is how this material works.

First a patient will contact an orthodontist that works with an Invisalign dentist in Charlotte, NC to get a check on one’s teeth. If the doctor determines that Invisalign is right for the patient’s teeth then the process of handling this material can begin. An impression will be taken of the patient’s teeth at this time.

The impression will be analyzed to see what teeth need to be fixed so that they can be in a normal position. When this is done the orthodontist will work to plan how the teeth will move in their proper places during the course of the Invisalign treatment process. By getting this plan created it will be easy for the teeth to be fixed over time so that multiple Invisalign aligners can be built.

invisalign2The reason why several different aligners are made is so that the Invisalign process will be more accurate when getting teeth to be moved. Invisalign aligners work with limited amounts of pressure. This means that the teeth will not be harmed as they are gradually pushed in place. The patient will not feel uncomfortable either.

However for the process to work the aligners that are used will have to be changed every couple of weeks. This is so the teeth will be able to progress towards their desired positions. Each new aligner will be closer in appearance to the target goal. The patient will have to go to the orthodontist for each new aligner when the time comes from switching.

The Invisalign system will need to work for the patient in that it will need to be worn all of the time. It can be removed for eating or drinking though. It could even be removed for some events but it will be important to wear it all of the time so that it will be easier for the process to work towards its desired goal.

Invisalign is a useful orthodontic tool that can be used by patients who need to get their teeth to be corrected. Invisalign works with ease in that the material uses a low amount of pressure on the teeth. It also works with multiple aligners that will change over time. This process makes Invisalign one of the most popular options among adults who need orthodontic services.

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