Herpes Treatment Options

how-to-get-rid-of-herpesMany people are affected by this disease but don’t have a natural genital herpes cure. Unfortunately, there is no known cure to fully get rid of this infectious disease. Many people that are looking for the Ultimate Herpes Protocol as a way to treat genital herpes are disappointed to find out that there is no cure.

It’s estimated that over twenty percent of the population is affected by genital herpes, and in a lot of cases they don’t even know they have it. Because the virus doesn’t make itself known by creating blisters, it often goes undetected. Usually, the virus is only detected when sores are present.

As of today, no cure is known for this virus, but there are ways to help treat the infections. A healthy immune system can go a long way in keeping the virus subdued. People have been afflicted with herpes for hundreds of years. It’s not a new virus, but the overwhelming stigma related to having herpes is relatively new.

Herpes can not be spread through the air and is not contagious unless direct contact is made. This makes the mouth and genital very prone to the infection. What is scary is that no visual indication is necessary for the disease to spread.

best-herpes-treatment-scheduleA big danger of the herpes outbreak is that it weakens the immune system. So, to start remedying the negative effects of herpes is a good intake of vitamin C. Through daily vitamins and through some general medication, you will be able to stay healthy while dealing with an outbreak and need to be careful around those who are sick.

The next way to start to cure the disease is to prevent the outbreak altogether. Begin to treat personal hygiene as a very close friend, which is a natural genital herpes cure. Always wash your hands when you have the opportunity. Always avoid touching the infected area. This will turn your hand into a way for the disease to transmit in the most simple of ways, such as contracting it from a door handle or shaking hands.

One helpful tip that should be followed for an all around healthy life is to stay stress-free. This will help keep the outbreaks to a minimum and keep you healthy while it happens. There is no scientific evidence that supports this, but it is accepted as a healthy practice.

It is not the end of times to getting herpes. There are many ways to help prevent and treat an outbreak when they occur. However, it is an added responsibility that needs to be taken seriously with every major decision until there is a natural genital herpes cure.

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