What Are The Most Common Causes of Nerve Pain

pain-from-nervesMuscle tension can be very painful. As a result, a lot of people will try to move as little as possible so as to minimize the pain that they have to suffer. But doing the opposite is, in fact, more beneficial to the injury. Moving around and stretching the affected area is, in fact, the best thing to do for tense muscles. Massages and applying heat to the affected areas can also help to relieve some of the pain in the muscles. If you suspect you might be suffering from nerve pain, you should get diagnosed by a doctor.

Lower Back Pain
Lumbago happens in the lower region of the back and can strike suddenly. The muscles will almost instantly cramp, and make the sufferer unable to move because of the pain. It is often triggered by a wrong movement, such as incorrect bending of the back, or lifting heavy objects. Although it ‘s hard to classify these as causes, as many people can perform the same actions at other times, with no bad reactions. Other factors in the cause of lumbago are unclear, but some speculate that mental health and even cold weather may play a part.

It is easier to prevent lumbago than it is to treat it. As such, exercising regularly and correctly can help prevent the creation of other tensed muscles, particularly in the lower back region. If the pain is intolerable, then pain killers and other medication should be used, but it must be remembered that they are only short-term solutions, and will not help to prevent injuries in the future.

nueropathy-sufferingSciatica and Leg Pain
Sciatica occurs when the pain in the back starts to radiate to the legs through the buttocks. The reason for this is that the sciatic nerve has been affected in some way. This is the main nerve in the back and legs, and so the pain can be felt in both areas. The triggers can vary, but some common causes include a blockage of the sacroiliac joint or a herniated disc.

The best way to try and relieve the pain associated with sciatica is to calmly and gently apply heat to the affected area. Vitamin B complex supplements (supplements containing all eight B vitamins) can also help with nerves in the body. Once the pain has subsided a little, taking regular exercise sessions to help strengthen the back is recommended. If the pain continuously occurs then seeking medical help is strongly recommended as the cause of the pain may be more serious.

Herniated Discs
The vertebrae in the spine are all connected and able to freely move around. To limit the friction caused by rubbing against each other, there are cushions located in between each vertebrae. A herniated disc occurs when this cushion gets damaged, and can cause considerable pain.

There is also the chance that even though there is a hernia, there is a hernia. This is common in most people over the age of 30. Whether or not there is any pain depends on where the disc slides. Herniated discs are mostly made up of water, roughly 95%. It will disappear on its own over time, and analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication can be prescribed. Surgeons will only consider operating when the herniated disc does not seem to get better after time and physical therapy.

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