How You Can Treat Your Arthritis Effectively

old-man-suffering-from-arthritisArthritis is a very common geriatric condition. It is a problem that mostly makes older people its victims. This is mostly a disease that involves the person’s joints. The main characteristic is an unbearable pain in the joints. The person might even suffer from this kind of the pain in more than one joint of the hands and the legs, but other parts of the body can also be affected. As a person grows older, the chances of arthritis improve. There are different kinds of arthritis. Some kinds, especially rheumatoid arthritis, affects more women than men.

Arthritis Symptoms
Arthritis is mostly characterized by a sharp, often unbearable, pain in the joints. It becomes very difficult for the person to move those particular joints. Along with the pain, the joints can also become stiff and there can be swelling in the region. In some people, the symptoms are more visible, because the region becomes red.

Many people get fevers too. An unexpected loss in weight can occur. Some people experience more serious complications, such as difficulties in breathing.

How is Arthritis treated?
Arthritis is treated with a systematic medical program in most cases. The medical officer will first look into the physical condition of the patient and also at other factors such as their lifestyle, other medical conditions present in them, the medications are taken for those, and such. Then a proper medical routine will be planned out. A few discussions between the patient and the doctor happen in the initial stages, during which the doctor understands what the best approach for treatment would be.

how-arthritis-worksOne way you can start to treat your arthritis is through regular and constant exercise. This doesn’t mean breaking your back with an intense workout session, but it does mean that you will have to do some light yoga or tai chi to relax the muscles in your body. Many people all around the world who have arthritis in different parts of their body do these simple yet very effective exercises to start seeing some real results.

Tests include blood and urine tests and sometimes tests of the fluids present in the joints, which are known as synovial fluids. Doctors also check how well the joints can be moved. The treatment uses various kinds of medications and therapies. In extreme conditions, surgeries are resorted to.

These are completely non-invasive methods, meant only for topical application. Being herbal, they show no side effects and are very popular alternative to traditional arthritis medication.

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