Arthritis Medications: What Options Are Available?

arthritis-medicationsWhen we speak of arthritis we often think that it is just one disease, this could not be further from the truth. Arthritis is in fact an umbrella term of many different diseases of the joints. If we name just a few osteoarthritis, juvenile arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the first that come to mind. Generally the pain associated with arthritis can range from very mild to so severe that it is in fact debilitating.

There is no cure but there are many treatments.
With so many people who suffer from arthritis you should think there would be a cure for this disease, but there is no cure there are however many treatment options that will treat the symptoms of arthritis. When you are suffering from arthritis you will probably have looked at some of them and have tried to get yourself educated on arthritis treatment that is available at the moment. You will have noticed that most arthritis treatments have the same goals like pain relief, reducing inflammation, keeping the joints as smooth and movable as possible. Other information about arthritis you will have found are about how you can minimize the risks of certain therapies, preventing disability, enhancing the quality of education for your family and friends.

arthritis-pillsPrescription Medication or Natural Remedies?
Most people who are diagnosed with a form of arthritis medication advised by their doctor, drugs like Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, Darvon, Percocet, Aleve and Roxicidone to relief pain and other medication called biological response modifiers that are often used. These prescription medication often have many severe side effects like weakness fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite. This is why many people will try natural (herbal) remedies and many have good results with this kind of arthritis treatment.

Diet and Exercise keeps you mobile.
Lifestyle changes are the most important way to treat arthritis quick and effective, and it is one of the first things we would advise you to do. Making sure that you change your diet to a healthy one with many fresh vegetables and fruits and plenty of fluids. There are list you can find on the Internet of foods and products that are known to have an effect on arthritis. Some make it worse and some can help you, this way you know what you should be avoiding. But it stays a bit personal you should try what will work for you.

Exercise is also very important for arthritis patients and by exercise we do not necessarily mean running or working out in the gym, smaller exercises like yoga postures and walking with the dog are also good ways to exercise. Even when you are very busy with work and other life stuff making time to be physically active is very important. Keeping your joints smooth, moving and active can prevent your joints from becoming inflamed and swollen.

Arthritis is a incredibly difficult disease, the pain can be overwhelming and it is easy to get frustrated from trying all those different arthritis treatments. It can take a while to find the treatment that fits to your needs and in the meantime it is very important to stay optimistic.

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